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PODCAST: NBA Finals Preview!



Brother Dan, coming off a grueling cross-country drive, called into the Another Beer Salesman studios to discuss the NBA Finals, Lebron’s Eastern Conference vs. Magic’s Western Conference, how crucial Andrew Bogut’s health is for the Warriors’ championship run, the sad state of the Celtics, and how the Sixers are like the Avengers, but without CGI. Get ready people.

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The Second Annual Another Beer Salesmen Podcast: Worst QB Ever Edition

This is the second annual podcast we’ve done here at We have decided to do this once a year because 1) Wait, it’s really been a year? and 2) Brother Dan was in town again.

Brother Dan getting hoisted after the Eastern Maine title game, 2008. Photo from the Bangor Daily News.

Brother Dan getting hoisted after the Eastern Maine title game, 2008. Photo from the Bangor Daily News.

I recently wrote an article on about my time as a very bad (worst ever?) high school quarterback. In the article, I mention that my younger brother Dan played for the same team that I did, the John Bapst Crusaders of Bangor, Maine. His experience could not have been more different then mine, however, as he won a state championship and I lost every game. We talk about the transformation and the difference in attitude between winning and losing teams, as well as dress codes, actual “facebooks,” and driving in Maine winters. (It’s all tangentially related).

Hope you enjoy!

A few notes:

1) Here’s a link to the wikipedia article on the actual person John (Johannes) Bapst.

2) Our brother Tom is fine.  I mentioned that he was “unfortunately not with us,” and I realized later that sort of made it sound like he was dead. I just meant he wasn’t hanging out with us that day, which is always unfortunate.

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It’s finally here: Presenting the inaugural Another Beer Salesman Podcast!


You knew that your life wasn’t complete. You knew something was missing, that true happiness was impossible until you figured out what it was. You tried to listen to your heart, but your heart was being a mute mystery. You didn’t know what you needed until you saw it, perfect and apart from you. Calling. Calling.

There it is. The name you wanted to call out, but didn’t yet know. The first, the inaugural, the best. This is it. The premier of the Another Beer Salesman podcast.

Isn’t it nice to know what you’ve been missing? You know, finally, the affliction. Now just take the pill, heal, and be one with the cosmos.

In this podcast to end all podcasts, I have the incomparable Brother Dan on to discuss Smokey Robinson live in Coney Island (which we agree is the most sexual concert we’ve ever seen), whether Tommy Heinsohn has another Celtics rebuild in him, Paul Pierce’s greatest buzz beater (in Al Harrington’s face!), and the top seven (not ten!) Bruce songs.


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